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Feminine Habits to do during Quarantine

Hello my beauties! Today I want to touch base on our femininity and how we can develop some habits during this quarantine to make sure we are not letting ourselves go! These habits are designed to cultivate, develop, and enhance your femininity.

Below are a list of ways we can keep our femininity flowing and to glow from within:

1. Commit to an Emotional Detox- find all things that has caused hardship in your life, things that has ruined your self esteem and make a list to mental let it go.

2. Create a Vision Board- How you want to look, the types of dates you want to go on, your goals and place it in a spot where you can look at it everyday.

3. Create a Spell Bath- concept of using rose petals, lavender oil, and Himalaya bath salt in your tub and lining it with candles and adding soft music. This helps to activate the body and the mind will follow.

4. Study- read up on ways to stay in touch with your femininity, watch Youtube videos on ways to enhance your appearance.

5. At-Home Spa- cherish your body, we only get one body! lol Keep up with your beauty treatments. This may include steaming your face, apply face masks and eye creams, removing chipped nail polish and dead skin on our feet. As well as exfoliating your body, create a body scrub using sugar or coffee for smooth feeling skin.

6. Deep Conditioned Hair- Take time to do a hair mask, leave-in treatments, hot oil treatments and just let it sit in your hair for a while. We literally have the time so make sure we are taking care of our natural hair especially if we wear wigs or extensions.

7. Perfect Makeup Skills- Practice doing your brows, eyeshadows, and lashes. Use this time to practice putting on lashes correctly or learning different makeup looks.

8. Clear out your closet- Get rid of clumsy clothing, clothes that does not flatter your appearance. Old clothes that you no longer find use in, get rid of them!! Start evaluating your clothes, invest in timeless pieces that never goes out of style.

9. Drink lots of water & Green Juices- #1 key to healthy looking skin is water, and plenty of it. Also, adding in green juices into your diet is a great way to glow from within. Pick fruit and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C.

10. Whiten Teeth- white teeth and fresh breathe make your more attractive. Women should take pride in their hygiene, that means gargling with hydrogen peroxide, deep cleansing your mouth, using teeth whitening strips, and flossing every night.

So these are just a short list of many tips and ways to keep up your femininity during this quarantine. We should be coming out of this lockdown looking like a 2.0 version of ourselves. There is no excuse as to why we can not keep our appearances up and to take pride in our body, hair, nails, mind and soul. Please comment below if you have any advice or would like to add your feminine habits that you live by.

Thanks for reading!!

xo, Fallon Corrin

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